Guest Speakers | Netherhall House
A key component to the activities at Netherhall is the guest speaker series. Over the years many academics, politicians, entrepreneurs and journalists have been coming to Netherhall to share their personal experiences and expertise, offering an opportunity for students to broaden their general knowledge and to become informed about contemporary, relevant issues.

The talks typically take place on Tuesdays during the first and second term. The usual arrangement is for a speaker to come at 6.15pm for a brief tour of the House and an aperitif with a few of the students, followed by dinner at 6.45pm. The talk takes place at 7.30pm in the lounge, lasting approximately 30-40 minutes, leaving time for questions before finishing by 8.30pm.

2018 – 2019

  1. Russian Church in Russian History, October 9, 2018, Prof. Neil Kent
  2. Finding Cheonggyecheon, October 23, 2018, In Keun Lee
  3. Deployable structures, October 29, 2018, Prof. Zhong You
  4. Designing the new Louvre, November 6, 2018, Ian Maddocks
  5. Influencing a Wired World with Cyber Intelligence, November 13, 2018, Peter Debbins
  6. Ethical challenges in finance, November 20, 2018, James Ryan
  7. Recent discoveries in human evolution, December 3, 2018, Dr. Charles Breeze
  8. The problem of free will, February 12, 2019, Prof. Thomas Pink
  9. Why We Sleep, March 5, 2019, Peter Adams
  10. Double Negative visual effects, 14 May, 2018, Chus Rodriguez

2017 – 2018

  1. Streets of Calcutta, September 25, 2017, Miguel Bravo
  2. Achieving an Education Despite University, October 10, 2017, Dr. Andrew Hegarty
  3. 1917: The Year that made the Modern Middle East, October 16, 2017, Dr. Philipp Wirtz
  4. The Making of Martin Luther, October 23, 2017, Prof. Richard Rex
  5. Financing the NHS front line, November 6, 2017, Oliver Bloor
  6. US Opioid Crisis, January 15, 2018, Dominic Reynolds
  7. HABITAT: Changing Planet and Changing Habitat, January 22, 2018, Dr. Sandra Piesik
  8. The future of DNA, January 29, 2018, Dr. Charles Breeze
  9. The Queen’s Club, January 31, 2018, Major General Andrew Stewart
  10. Boko Haram conflict, February 5, 2018, Arinze Nwokolo
  11. Transgender policies, February 12, 2018, Robert Flello
  12. Battles Beneath the Ocean, February 19, 2018, Mark Ellyatt
  13. Economy of ancient Rome, March 5, 2018, Dr. George Maher
  14. A big bang in a little room, March 12, 2018, Dr. Zeeya Merali
  15. Structure and beauty of the universe, April 10, 2018, Dr. Dominic Dold
  16. Escalating situation in Syria, April 12, 2018, Dale Gavlak
  17. The Enlightenment myth, April 23, 2018, Dr. Matteo Salonia

2016 – 2017

  1. The Life of a Dead Language: Latin before and after the fall of Rome, October 3, 2016, Dr Daniel Hadas
  2. Beauty and wonder in buildings, October 10, 2016, Javier Castanon
  3. Rethinking the Battle of Trafalgar, October 17, 2016, James Davey
  4. Transhumanism: The new age of man?, October 24, 2016, Dr. Charles Breeze
  5. Money, Manipulation and Mandarins, October 27, 2016, Dr. Matthew O’Brien
  6. Why should we pay attention to China?, November 7, 2016, Dr. Sam Beatson
  7. Banking and finance: a force for the good in a materialistic world, November 14, 2016, Spiro Youakim
  8. Post-Mechanical: Embracing our Fluid World, November 21, 2016, Brendan Cawley
  9. So you want to be a good doctor?, November 28, 2016, Dr. Mike Delany
  10. Article 50 and the EU, January 16, 2017, Andrew Tucker
  11. Why do we speak the way we do?, January 30, 2017, Peter McGee
  12. Understanding the Market place, February 6, 2017, Benjamin G. Voyer
  13. Does Science Need Metaphysics?, February 13, 2017, Prof. Roger Trigg
  14. A Restored Earth: Ten Paths to a Hopeful Future, February 21, 2017, Edward Davey
  15. Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Kazakhstan, February 27, 2017, George Keliris
  16. The Other London, March 13, 2017, John Coleby
  17. African Investment, March 20, 2017, Sangwani Mabhena
  18. Life at CERN, March 27, 2017, Federico Leo Redi
  19. Rising Pakistan: A myth or reality?, April 19, 2017, Dr. Nabeel Goheer

2015 – 2016

  1. Magna Carta: Why all the fuss?, October 5, 2015, Prof. Anne Duggan
  2. Understanding the Market place, October 12, 2015, Dr. Benjamin G. Voyer
  3. The Roman Republic, October 19, 2015, Dr. Valentina Arena
  4. Getting People out of Wheelchairs, October 26, 2015, Prof. Geoff Raisman
  5. The Battle of Waterloo, November 2, 2015, Veronica Baker-Smith
  6. Faith, Reason, Irrationality and Catholic Education, November 9, 2015, Paul Stubbings
  7. Medieval Guilds and the History of Solidarity, November 16, 2015, Prof. Gervase Rosser
  8. Future Medicine: Breakthroughs in Genomics, November 23, 2015, Charles Breeze
  9. Can there be Unregulated Media Freedom in a Time of Conflict, December 1, 2015, Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson
  10. Battle of Waterloo, January 12, 2016, Sir Barney White-Spunner
  11. The Brits battling ISIS, January 18, 2016, George Tyldesley
  12. French Wine Terrorism, January 25, 2016, Dr. Andrew Smith
  13. The Origins of Islam in North Africa and the Middle East, February 2, 2016, James Huchinson
  14. Wolf Hall: Great acting but bad history, February 8, 2016, Prof. Richard Rex
  15. What do the national statistics tell us of the Church in England and Wales?, February 15, 2016, Dr. Stephen Bullivant
  16. The Cheong Gye Cheon Restoration Project, February 17, 2016, Dr. In Keun Lee
  17. The Other National Theatre, February 29, 2016, Robert Whelan
  18. Leadership, March 7, 2016, Dan Damon
  19. Future Medicine: Part II, March 14, 2016, Charles Breeze
  20. Christianity in Britain, April 28, 2016, Rt Hon Dominic Grieve MP
  21. A history of the world in 8 million objects: what is the British Museum for now?, May 9, 2016, Jonathan Williams

2014 – 2015

  1. Dr Johnson, October 6, 2014, Prof. John Mullan
  2. What was the Industrial Revolution? October 7, 2014, Leslie Tomory
  3. The Victorians, October 13, 2014, Simon Heffer
  4. Where does the Labour Party go from here? October 28, 2014, Rt. Hon. Paul Murphy MP
  5. Britain Against Napoleon, November 3, 2014, Prof. Roger Knight
  6. The Last Days of Richard III and the fate of his DNA, November 11, 2014, John Ashdown-Hill
  7. Margaret Thatcher, November 17, 2014, Robin Harris
  8. Edmund Burke, January 13, 2015, Jesse Norman MP
  9. How the First World War created the Middle East, January 19, 2015, Dr Philipp Wirtz
  10. The Assisted Dying Bill and its implications, February 2, 2015, Matthew Schellhorn
  11. Royal Annulments to 1600, February 9, 2015, Prof. David D’Avray
  12. The Mission of Catholic Voices, February 17, 2015, Jack Valero
  13. The Devils’ Alliance, Hitler’s Pact with Stalin 1939-41, February 23, 2015, Roger Moorhouse
  14. Addressing the Banking Crisis, March 2, 2015, Juan Colombás
  15. What does it mean to love a person? March 9, 2015, Prof. Clemens Sedmak
  16. What military capability should Britain be expected to maintain? March 16, 2015, Field Marshal Charles Guthrie of Craigiebank

1952 – ca. 2000 (selection)

  1. Cyril ABRAHAM, creator of Onedin Line
  2. Christopher CVIIC. East European Correspondent “The Economist”
  3. Leo ABSE, MP
  4. Mr Frank D’ABREU, Consultant Surgeon, Westminster Hospital
  5. Kennett ADAMS. CVO, MA, Comino Fellow, Royal Society of Arts
  6. Professor Sir Ratf DAHRENDORF, Director, London School of Economics
  7. Rupert ALLASON. MP (Nigel west)
  8. Sir Alan DALTON, CBE, DL, Chairman English China Clays
  9. David ALTON, MP
  10. Professor Norman DAVIES. Fellow St Antonys College. Oxford
  11. J A ANDREW, Consutunt Neurosurgeon. Middlesex Hospital
  12. Chris DAYKIN, President, Insitute of Actuaries
  13. B W ANDRZEJQVSKI. School Oriental & African Studies
  14. Professor C E DENT, FRS, Untersity College
  15. Professor Elizabeh ANSCOMBE, Philosophy, Cambridge
  16. Richard DENTON, BBC Television Director
  17. Lord ARCHIBALD. Chairman, Federation of British Film Makers
  18. K DEWHURST. DPhil, Research Institute. Oxford University
  19. W A ARMSTRONG. MA. PhD. King’s College
  20. Jean-Loup DHERSE. Chief Executive Eurotunnel Plc
  21. Sir Eric ASH, Rector, Imperial College
  22. E H K DIBDEN, Director, University of London Careers Advisory Service
  23. E W ASHCROFT, Head of European Service, BBC (retired)
  24. H Loot DICKSON, MA, Publisher and Aubor
  25. Nicholas ASHFORD, Deputy Foreign Editor, “The Independent”
  26. Kenneth DIXON, Chaiman, RNmÜee Mackintosh Plc
  27. Dr John ASHWORTH, Director, The London Schwl of Economics
  28. William DOUGLAS-HOME. Playwright
  29. Professor Colin ATKINSON, Applied Matwmaöcs, Imperial College
  30. Graham R DOWSON, Director. Rank Organisation
  31. Bemard AUDLEY. Founder & Chaiman, AGB Research Ltd
  32. John DREW. Head of EEC Commission in be UK
  33. Philip BACON, Editor. LBC
  34. Frank DUFFY, President Royal Institute of British Architecture
  35. A B BADGER, MA. PhD. Secretary to Marlow Conference
  36. Terry President Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers
  37. Professor Anbnio BAGGIANO. Law. University of Buenos Aires
  38. Sir Kennefr DURHAM, Chaiman, Unilever Plc
  39. D M BALME, CMG. DSO. DFC. Queen Mary College
  40. M P EARLES. PhD, FPS. Senior Lecturer. Chelsea College
  41. David H BARRON, Chaiman, Shell Transport & Trading Company Ltd
  42. Lt M J EGAN. Member he RN PenEhalon team
  43. Bill BARRY, British Champion Sculler
  44. Herb ELLIOT, Olympic 1500m record holder
  45. Lord BAUER. Emeritus Professor of Economics,London School of Economics ELLIS-REES, KCMG, CB
  46. Sir Hugh K A BAYLEY, Chief of Informaton Division, Unilever
  47. Michael ELMER, The Foreign and OMce
  48. Professor A C F BEALES, King’s College
  49. Peter ELSTOB, Intemaöonal Secretary, Essayist & Novelist
  50. T BEDFORD. Consuttant Engineer
  51. Dr M ESSEX-LOPRESTI. Medical Scienffc Film Association
  52. Stafford BEER. Managing Director, Science in General Management Ltd
  53. Robert EVANS, Chairman. British Gas
  54. Terry BELL, Sale and Purchase Manager, Seascope Ltd
  55. Graham EYRE, QC, Inspector, London Inquiries 1981-84
  56. Dr S BENAIM, Consultant Pysichiatrist Halliwick Hospital
  57. Mr Michael BENNET, FRCS, Research Fellow, Royal Free Hospital
  58. Geoffrey A FAULDER, Head of Opinion Polling Dept. Gallup Poll
  59. Lord BENSON. CBE, MC. Chairman Daw Corporation
  60. B FEATHER, Assistant General Secretary, TUC
  61. Humphry BERKELEY, MP
  62. P E L FELLOWES. Trade Relations Shell International
  63. Lennox BERKELEY, CVE. Composer, Professor, Royal Academy of Music
  64. D C FERGUSON, Dewlopment Manager, Reuters
  66. Alex FERRY, Secretary, Confederation of Ship Building & Engineering Unions
  67. Philip BIRCH, Chairman. Ward White Group
  68. Robert FIDDONS, Director
  69. Michael BIRD, Chaiman. Massey Ferguson Holdings Plc
  70. Dr John M FINNIS, Reader in Law, Oxford University
  71. Lord BLAKENHAM, Chaiman, Pearson Group Plc and Chairman RSPB
  72. Sir Monty FINNISTON. FEng, FRS, Chairman British Steel Corporation
  73. Baroness BLATCH. Minister for Education
  74. Sir Geoffrey FINSBERG. MP
  75. Bridget BLOOM. Africa Correspondent, Financial Times
  76. J J FLOOD, MD, DPM, Medical Dirwtor, The Priory, Roehampton
  77. Sir George BOLTON, Director, Bank of England
  78. Sir Denis FOLLOWS, Chairman, Britsh Olympic Association
  79. de BONO, Founder, Int Creative Forum
  80. J E FOSTER, Assistant Director of Examinations. CMI Service Commission
  81. Christopher BOOKER, first Editor. “Private Eye”
  82. John FOSTER. Director of Trading Food, John Lewis Partnership
  83. John BOOTH, Managing Director, Capiul Growth Europe Ltd
  84. Sir Richard FRANCIS, Director General. The Briüsh Council
  85. Phyllis BOWMAN, National Director, SPUC
  86. K J A FRASER, Head of Marketing. Unilever Plc
  87. Andrea BOYLE, “The World at one”. BBC
  88. Howard FRENCH, Editor, Daily Sketch
  89. Sir Kenneth BRADLEY, Director, Commonwealth Institute
  90. Dr John FRY. MD, FRCS, College of General Pracütioners
  91. Jim BRANDIE. Industrial Relaions Manager, British Airways
  92. J P BROOKE-LITTLE. FSA. Bluemande Pursuivant of Arms
  93. John GARNETT, Director, Industrial Society
  94. Trevor BROOKING. West Ham Fooball Club
  95. Sir Reay GEDDES, KBE. Chairman, Dunlop Holdings Ltd
  96. Leo GENN, Actor
  97. Tony BROOKS. motoring correspondent
  98. Rupert BROOKS, Manager of Graduate Careers, Dunlop Ltd
  99. Robert GEORGE. Faculty of Law, Princeton University, I-JS Supreme Court
  100. Denis GEORGES-PICOT, Financial Attache. French Embassy
  101. Professor Arthur BROWN. University
  102. MP J L GIBBONS, MRCP, DPM. Newcastle University
  103. Richard BUCHANAN,
  104. Col Maurice BUCKMASTER, Head of Special Operations Executive
  105. Basil GIBSON, Director. Minet & co
  106. Sir John BURGH, KCMG, CB, Director General, The British Council
  107. Victoria GILLICK, Director. INFORM
  108. Lionel BURKE. De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd
  109. Tim GILLIGAN, Chairman and MD, Pimey Bowes
  110. Geoffrey C BUTCHER, Briish Petroleum
  111. Paul GIROLAMI. Chairman, Glaxo Holdings Plc
  112. J M BUXTON, MA. Fellow of Nea College, Oxford
  113. Lord GLADWYN, GCMG. GCVO, CB, former British Ambassador in Paris
  114. Marjorie St Clare BYRNE, OBE. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
  115. Sir Alan GOODSON. KCMG, CVO, former Ambassador to Dublin
  116. Luke GORMALLY, Director, Linacre Centre
  117. Sir Adrian CADBURY, Chairman, Cadbury Schweppes Plc
  118. Mr Lionel GRACEY, Consulbnt Surgeon, Royal Free Hospital
  119. Rear Admiral John CADELL. Director General, Navy Personnel Services
  120. G GRAFTON GREEN, Executive Producer, Rank Organisation
  121. Michael H CAINE, Chairman, Booker McConnell Plc
  122. Patrick GRAFTON GREEN, Partner, Theodore Goddard Solicitors
  123. Lord CAMOYS. Executive Vice-Chairman, Barclays Merchant Bank
  124. Roy GRANTHAM, General Secretary, Apex
  125. Patrick CARROLL. Actuary. Risk Research Ltd
  126. Geoffrey GRAY-FORTON, ex-intemational association football referee
  127. C CASSIDY. MEd, BSc, Divisional Educaöonal Officer, Middlesex
  128. H S K GREENLEES. OBE; Director. Laing & Cruikshank
  129. Bryan CASSIDY, MEP Professor
  130. Brian GRIFFITHS, Dean, The City University Business School
  131. Sir Frederick CATHERWOOD. Chairman, British Institute of Management
  132. H GRISEMOOD, CBE, ex-Chief Assisbnt to Director General of BBC
  133. Professor A J E CAVE, St Bartholomews Hospital Medical College
  134. Max R GROSSMAN. Cultural officer, US Embassy
  135. Lord CHALFONT, Minister of State. Foreign Office
  136. Peter GROSVENOR, Literary Editor, The Daily Express
  137. Michael CHARLTON, BBC News Reporter
  138. Eva GRUNWALD, PhD, University College
  139. Philip CHARLTON. Chief Executive, TSB
  140. Christopher CHATAWAY, MP, former champion athlete
  141. Sir Arnold HALL, Chairman, Hawker Siddeley Group
  142. R A CHISOLM. CBE. General Manager. Iranian Oil SeMces Ltd
  143. The Earl of HALSBURY. FRS, FEng. Chancellor Brunel University
  144. Sir Robert CLARK, Chairman. Hill Samuel; Director, Bank of England
  145. Dr Brian HAMNETT, University of Essex
  146. William CLARKE, Master, The Mercers’ Company
  147. Sir David HANCOCK, Director, Hambros
  148. Colin CLARK, Research Fellow, Monash University. Melboume
  149. Paul HARBIG. Gray’s Inn
  150. Dr E CLARK-KENNEDY, Consultant Physician. London Hospital