International Summer Course | 3 – 25 August 2018

Course objective

The objective of the course is to improve dramatically the spoken English of course participants. Particular emphasis is placed on the English used by participants in their areas of study at school or university. Students are asked to indicate on the Application Form their areas of study at school or university and any particular subjects they would like to concentrate on during the course.

Core areas of the course

There are three principle areas of teaching on the course:

  • Foundation English: Where a course participant has gaps in his Foundation English, his classes will focus on this.
  • Specialist English concentrating on the areas of study of course participants: Teaching is aimed at the participants’ particular areas of study. Talks and discussions are arranged with professionals in the different fields. There are opportunities to visit sites connected with the different areas of study (hospitals for medical students, law courts for lawyers, concerts for musicians, etc.)
  • British Culture: All students will acquire a knowledge of British culture from films, talks and seminars. There are also weekly excursions organised to sites of interest in London (such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, museums and galleries).

There are also weekly excursions to some of the more important towns and cities in Southern England (such as Oxford, Canterbury and Cambridge).

Nature of the course

The course is residential. It is for students between 16 and 24 years of age. Participants live in Netherhall House with students from all over the world. The common language of the House is English. Opportunities are available to play football, tennis, squash, basketball, swimming, cricket and other sports.

It is the task of the teachers to ensure that each student obtains as much from the course as possible. The course leader will meet weekly with each student (in addition to being available at other times) to receive feedback and to enable personalised alterations to be made to the course programme. Students are encouraged to take their meals with the teachers.


On weekdays and Saturdays there are classes from 9.15am until 1pm. After lunch students may either join an organised tour of a cultural site in London or participate in sports activities. After dinner each evening in previous years, a variety of non obligatory courses were organised for the students on subjects such as: Introduction to the History of Man, History of the Church, Introduction to Medicine, Introduction to Aerodynamics and the Theory of Evolution and its compatibility with Christian teaching.


Stephen Dowden, a language teacher with over 20-years E.F.L. teaching experience will be the academic supervisor of the course. We aim to provide a high level of teacher/student contact. In 2016 all classes had about 8 students per teacher and classes were arranged according to ability. Stephen Dowden taught the class with the highest level.

About Us

Netherhall House is an intercollegiate university residence situated in a modern complex in an attractive residential area of London, with over 50 years of experience as a language institution. It is part of Netherhall Educational Association, a registered charity, and is open to students of all nationalities. Activities of a spiritual and doctrinal nature are entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Dates & Cost

The course begins with dinner on Thursday 2nd August and ends after breakfast on Saturday 25th. The price is £1,800, and includes tuition fees, accommodation, personal laundry, excursions, sports and all travel related to the course.

Safeguarding Young People policy

Netherhall House is obliged to comply with the NEA Safety and Welfare policy and to conform to its Code of Good Practice. A full description of the policy and practice is available from their website.

Application Form

Sending an Application Form does not guarantee a place on the course. On receipt of your Application Form we will send you more information including the Rules and Regulations. Applicants must then complete an Acceptance Form and return it with a £750 non-returnable deposit.

You can fill in the Application Form following this link.

Course Timetable

Monday to Friday 
9:30am Class 1 (45 mins)
10:20amClass 2 (45 mins)
11:20amClass 3 (45 mins)
12:10pmSeminar (45 mins)
1:45pmGet together
2pmSports / Cultural trips
7:30pmGet together
8:30pmEvening session
8pmGet together
9pmEvening session
10:20amClass 1 (45 mins)
11:20amClass 2 (45 mins)
12:10pmSeminar (45 mins)
1:45pmGet together
2pmSports / Cultural trips
6:45pmHigh tea / BBQ
9pmEvening session
7:15pmHigh tea
8pmGet together
9pmEvening session