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Laundry Service

Netherhall offers an optional in-house laundry service for residents. The minimum subscription period is one term and it must be paid for in full in advance.

Laundry for washing must be placed in your allocated laundry slot on the rack in the laundry cupboard situated on the first floor (near the main building lift) on the Monday morning before 8:45am, and will ordinarily be available for collection on the Thursday after 12:20pm from the first and second floor cupboards. Any uncollected or ‘lost and found’ items will be left in the ground floor cupboard.

Preparing your laundry bag

  1. Request a laundry slip, laundry bag and sock net from the laundry manager.
  2. Ensure all your clothes are marked with your initials using a laundry marker pen.
  3. Do not mark the laundry bag with your initials, or in any other way.
  4. Laundry slips must be filled in with the number of items each week and placed in the laundry bag.
  5. All coloured socks should be put unfolded in the socks net provided.
  6. If you only have one or two pairs of white socks, put them directly into the laundry bag.
  7. If you only have more than two pairs of white socks, put them in a second socks net.
  8. Leave your laundry bag for collection before 9am on Mondays at the collection point.
  9. Undo all shirt buttons and empty all items from pockets.
  10. Ensure all the clothes are separated out properly and neatly put into the bag.

The limits on what can be included per week are:

  1. No more than three pairs of trousers.
  2. No more than seven shirts.
  3. No more than two jumpers or hoodies.

No dry cleaning service is provided.

Laundry manager

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