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Univ Forum

UNIV Forum is a great experience organised by the University of La Sapienza (Rome), with the aim of bringing the opportunity to young students to take advantage of the Holy Week in the context of Rome’s cultural, spiritual and artistic heritage.

One of the main activities that takes place during the week is the UNIV Forum, a great occasion to exchange ideas with students coming from all over the world, and constructively reflect on the most important issues for today’s youth and society.

Groups coming from Universities from the five continents prepare and expose presentations about one common but broad topic, which this year in its 50th anniversary will be: A World in Movement, the drama of migration and melting identity in a digital world.

It is a good opportunity to get closer to the drama of migration, so present in this days. “We need to listen with utmost attention and understanding to those who are suffering the drama of war and hunger in their countries of origin. The countless sicknesses and difficulties of millions of refugees require a direct response of charity to help them recover their dignity” (UNIV forum website).

There are three ways of taking part in the Congress, through the next categories: paper, video and arts. For further details and for resources that offer on their website.

But this is not all. Despite been one of the central events of the week, that´s not all. UNIV is a much wider and dynamic experience, which can be enjoyed from different points of view. Mainly, it could be said that three pillars characterise the UNIV experience: Culture, Faith and Friendship.


A great opportunity of visiting one of the hearts of the West. Core of the Roman Empire and one of the cradles of the Renaissance artistic and philosophical movement, a trip to Rome is always a fully enriching experience that will help you to develop a wider personal horizon.

We will take part in a lot of activities, and visits to the massive cultural offer of the city; we´ll have the chance of visiting iconic places such as the Coliseum, Pantheon, Vatican City, the borough of Trastevere, Fontana di Trevi, museums such as the Vatican ones or the Galleria Nazionale… and a lot of ambling around the old town, which will be anything but disappointing.


UNIV can be a great spiritual experience as well. You will have the chance of taking part with some encounters with the Pope Francis, at least one time in the Public Audience of Wednesday, and, if you are aware and hustle enough for taking some tickets, on the Easter Crafts that he celebrates at St Peters.

Also, it is worth noting that, since the first times that has been organized, there has been a special relationship between the Holy Father and the attendants to the UNIV Forum. Specially during the years of Saint John Paul II, who used to receive to all the students in a private audience inside the Vatican.


You have been living in this house for at least 2 months, and know you know more about what Netherhall is about: friendship, familiarity, activities like the daily get together that foster this pleasant atmosphere… The Univ is part of this Natherhall experience, a great chance of keep enhancing the strong community spirit that characterises our house!

Univ is then a great week to, in addition to the spiritual and cultural growth, to have a lot of fun with all this people that contribute with you to keeping and improving day by day the Netherhall experience.