Netherhall House: The basics | Netherhall House

Meals and get togethers

Students are expected to ordinarily attend the dinners and get togethers as part of the normal family life of the house. During the summer term, breakfast starts 30 minutes later on weekdays. It’s important to be on time for the meals. Late dinners are available for academic reasons. Coffee and tea are available during the get togethers from Monday to Friday and after lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Special diets are available for medical reasons (providing a doctor’s note and its expected duration), or for observing religious custom. Special diets will not be provided for matters of personal preference.

 Monday to FridaySaturdaySunday
Breakfast8am to 8:45am9am to 9:45am9:30am to 10:15am
LunchNot served1pm to 1:45pm1:15pm to 2pm
Dinner6:45pm to 7:30pm6:45pm to 7:30pm6:45pm to 7:30pm
Get together7:30pm to 8pm1:45pm to 2:15pm2:00pm to 2:30pm

Bedrooms and cleaning

Please keep your room tidy, so that you maintain direct access to the doors at all times. Suitcases and boxes should stored in the storage rooms rather than your bedroom. Bedrooms are cleaned every week day Monday to Friday, 10:20am – 12:20pm. During cleaning times students need to leave the bedroom areas of the house as these areas will be locked.

Each morning please make your bed, tidy your room and clear the desk, put the bin outside your door (even if it is empty), open the window and prop the door open.

When putting your suitcases and boxes in the storage room, please mark them with your name and room number. No loose items may be left in the store rooms as they will be discarded. Suitcases and boxes may be left in the following store rooms:
Main Building: Storage rooms opposite and next to room 218
New Wing: Storage room at ground floor cottage.

Each bedroom has a lockable cabinet. To obtain the key for it, please pay the secretary a refundable £10 deposit.

Other matters

The central area (i.e. area of the multipurpose hall and large music room) is not accessible during term time, 8am – 5pm, as Southbank School makes use of the facilities. After hours and at weekends, the music room is for use of the musicians (who are not studying piano) for practice. The auditorium is available for music students studying piano on weekdays, 8am – 5pm. Outside these hours the auditorium is for more casual use for all students. Organ practice is limited to weekdays, 3pm – 5pm.

The front door is locked at midnight on weekdays and 2am at the weekend, until 6am. If you need access outside these hours, please email the director ( at least a day in advance. To comply with fire regulations, if you intend to be away from the residence for one night or more please inform the director.

Internet is available in the common areas of the house. Please connect to the Residents network or to the Academic network.

An in-house laundry service is available during term time. An iron and ironing board can be found on the first floor of the Cottage. Please make sure the iron is switched off after use.

Please fill in a repair form when something is broken or in the process of breaking so that it can be repaired (e.g. leaking tap, broken bulbs, etc). The link and QR code are on the notice board.

All mail will be placed in the pigeon holes near the kitchenette. The compartments are arranged alphabetically according to surnames. Parcels are placed in the cupboards underneath.

There are four directly fed mains water taps in the house: the dining room tap, the kitchenette tap, the basement toilet tap and the en-suite corridor bathroom toilet tap. It is not recommended to drink the water from the tap in your bedroom.

For the sake of the neighbours in Netherhall Gardens, residents should not use the sports pitch after 9pm.